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Learning Review Day - 22 November 2021



Learning Review Day - Monday 22 November 2021


As you will be aware from our Diary Dates, our Learning Review Day will take place on Monday 22 November. This will take place via Teams between 8.15am – 4.55pm and will be for all classes from Reception – Year 6. These will be the only appointments we will be able to offer for consultations, so you will need to select a timeslot which will be convenient for you.


Please note parents of Nursery children will be contacted separately by the Nursery staff to arrange your appointments.


We will be using the online appointments booking system again this year. You will have a window for booking appointments and after that the system will be closed, so appointments have to be made during the specified time when the system is open.


Below are step-by-step instructions on how to use the on-line booking system.  This will give you complete control of booking your own appointments.


Please also double check your personal information is correct, email address, phone number etc. via Profile - view account profile - edit profile.


Each appointment is for the duration of 10 minutes per child.  Please only book one 10 minute appointment per child.


If you have more than one child in the School, you will be able to book separate appointments.  If you are making more than one appointment, please allow at least a 10 minute gap between them.


Please ensure that when you are booking that you select your child/children’s teacher and the schedule appointment that you would like to book.


You will have to go into each child separately to book your appointments with the specific teacher.  Don’t worry - the system will not allow you to double book appointments that are at the same time.


Where children are taught by a different teacher for a subject, e.g. in Year 6 for Maths, the class teacher will provide all information and feedback, so please only make your appointment with your child’s class teacher.


When you book your appointments, please ensure you provide an email address, which will enable a confirmation email to be sent to you.


If you do not receive the confirmation email by 9am on Thursday 18 November, please contact Mrs Barwell, by 2pm Thursday 18 November, to ensure that your appointment has been booked on the system.


This year your consultations will be held via Microsoft Teams.  The class teacher will send you an invite to your child’s email address, as these are already set up on Teams, would you please accept the invitation as soon as you receive the email. On your scheduled date and time, you will open Teams and join your meeting. You may be waiting in a ‘lobby’ until the teacher asks you to join the meeting.


Please note, as all the time slots are scheduled through Teams it is important that you give yourself plenty of time to join the meeting, as the meeting will start on time and will finish after 10 minutes.


We have previously had occasions where parents have not attended the appointment as they have forgotten or been out shopping (!). Staff have been prepared and waiting to talk with parents and then the consultation either does not take place or has to be redone. Unless there are exceptional unforeseen circumstances, we will not reschedule appointments if parents do not attend the slot that they themselves have chosen.


If you are unable to hold your meeting via Teams then you must still book the appointment slot online, but you need to email to ask Mrs Barwell to arrange for your appointment to be via telephone.


The online booking system will be available for appointments to be booked from 8 November at 10am until Wednesday 17 November at 9am.


After this date you will not be able to book an appointment, as the system will be closed.


 If you experience any problems trying to arrange an appointment, please contact Mrs Barwell in the office, before the deadline of 9am Wednesday 17 November.