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Mr Watts

Mr Watts


What I’ve been reading…

  • Harry Potter – The Cursed Child – Reading a playscript was a little different but very enjoyable. Now I just need to watch it at the theatre when they are open again.
  • How to Train Your Dragon (the complete series) – Very different to the films. Well worth a read.


What I’ve been watching…

  • A lot of Marvel films – Because super heroes aren’t just for kids.
  • Star Wars – To finally watch the entire series in chronological order.
  • The Last Dance – Remembering and finding out about one of the greatest basketball teams of all time – the Chicago Bulls.
  • Reruns of Euro 96 – Just to reminisce about football.


What I’ve been listening to…

  • Weekly Match of the Day podcasts – The ranking the top 10’s series has caused much debate amongst my friends. It has caused much debate during the lockdown.


Something new I have done…

  • Woodwork! – I have been building some decking and plant beds in the garden which has given me chance to use lots of the power tools that have been gathering dust in the garage.