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Behaviour, Rewards and Sanctions



We pride ourselves on our levels of good behaviour and believe that positive and consistent behaviour management is crucial to the School’s success.   Parental support is of utmost importance to creating an ethos of mutual support for all children.


Respect & Responsibility


At Alder Coppice we promote respect – for self, others and property and also emphasise the importance of taking responsibility. This is reinforced with our Respect & Responsibility Code. The statements are all positive ones as in “Do” rather than “don’t” and reflect the high profile give to personal development, respecting each other and securing the best possible learning climate for each child to succeed.


Rewards System


Our system encourages and rewards good behaviour, effort and achievement.  It is a whole school approach to positive behaviour.


Consistency in approach should:


  • help children to settle quickly into class;
  • support other teachers, including supply teachers, coming into the classroom;
  • encourage the development of our whole school ethos.


It is a staged system, with rewards being given for:-

  • effort;
  • commitment;
  • achievement;
  • appropriately completed returned Homework;
  • effort in behaviour;
  • applying the Respect and Responsibility Code;
  • being helpful.


When children move into Reception they move on to the ACE (Alder Coppice Expects) Reward System.




A lot of time is spent setting clear boundaries, expectations and routines which all help promote positive behaviour. Children are rewarded for their positive behaviour and effort in many ways. Staff use positive praise, stickers, certificates and reward positive behaviour with a chance to take home the class toy.


Key Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2)


The ACE Reward System in Key Stage 1 encourages the children to Reach for the Sky!  Children work towards 3 levels of achievement every Term; Superstars (20 House Points), Spectacular Sunbeams (40 House Points) and Glittering Galaxies (60 House Points).


Each House Team has a House Point collection chart on the wall and House Points are recorded with stickers, I sticker equalling 5 House Points.  House Points are issued using the stamp in books, or by being given a sticker when for reasons other than written work.


Should a child gain more House Points than the chart allows within the Term then a new chart is used and House Point totals for that team are rolled over.


At the end of every Term House Points are totalled and rewards are issued in a special Key Stage 1 Rewards Assembly. The House Points are totalled on a weekly basis to be added to those earned by children in Key Stage 2.


Key Stage 2 (Years 3, 4, 5 & 6)


Each stamp counts as 5 House Points. Up to 2 stamps (10 House Points) can be awarded at any one time.


Awarding Stamps


Stamps are given to children on individual cards at that time




By stamping all cards at a convenient time.


Whole School Scores


Scores are announced in a whole school Collective Worship each week.


A House Team Cup is awarded each Term to House Team with the highest score. In addition, the cup is awarded at the end of special events e.g. House Team activity days or Sports Day.


Monitor and Review


Staff regularly monitor the award of House Points to ensure that all children are treated fairly.  Year groups, Phases and whole staff reviews take place during the year.


Hopefully, by noticing and encouraging the good behaviour and effort made by children there will be less need to single out poor behaviour.  For this reason it is never appropriate to remove House Points (stickers or stamps) once they have been earned.



Respect and Responsibility Code

Behaviour for Learning Policy