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Behaviour, Rewards and Sanctions



We pride ourselves on our levels of good behaviour and believe that positive and consistent behaviour management is crucial to the School’s success.   Parental support is of the utmost importance to creating an ethos of mutual support for all children.


Respect & Responsibility


At Alder Coppice we promote respect – for self, others and property and also emphasise the importance of taking responsibility. This is reinforced with our Respect & Responsibility Code. This has 3 core principles


Be Safe


Be Kind


Work Hard



Behaviour Policy


Our Behaviour Policy gives details of the philosophy behind our approach, the rewards and sanctions which will be applied.


The use of sanctions will be in line with the Policy but may vary depending on the context of the situation including the age, understanding and needs of the child concerned and the severity and/or frequency of an incident. School staff will use their professional judgement in determining the best course of action, which may result in a different range of actions, or a different order for the steps taken than those indicated in the Policy.


(Please note that on occasions children may stay in during part of lunch time in order to catch up on work, receive additional support so that they are ready for the next stage in whole class learning. This will not be because the child concerned has not put in the required effort and is not a punishment).

Behaviour Policy

Behaviour Principles

Suspension and Exclusion