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School Lunch Prices


Reception and Key Stage 1


Children in Reception and Key Stage 1 are entitled to a free school lunch.


Key Stage 2


The cost of a meal for Key Stage 2 children is £2.50 per day and £12.50 per week.


If you think your child may be eligible for a free school lunch please contact either:


Benefits Department 0300 - 5558100




Free School Meals Direct 01384 - 814988

School Lunch Menu for YR - Y6 children from Summer Term 2024


We have a 2 week menu. 


Week 1 Menu - Starts Monday 8 April, Monday 22 April, etc

Week 2 Menu - w/b Monday 15 April, Monday 29 April etc


When we return from a holiday the menu will continue uninterrupted, so if the final week before the holiday was Week 1 then it will be the Week 2 menu on our return and alternatively if we have just had the week 2 menu before we break-up then Week 1 will be the menu for the first week back.


Dinner Policy