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Dress Code, Uniform, Property and Confiscation Policy


Uniform and Dress Code


The Governors wish to encourage children to wear clothes that are appropriate for a place of learning.  The Governing Board therefore decided that the wearing of School Uniform is compulsory for all children in Year R – Year 6.


By having a compulsory School Uniform the Governing Board intends to help promote an orderly learning environment. School Uniform helps to maintain general standards and the positive image of the School.


As parents you have the right to choose which school your child attends.  Once you have chosen that school you and your child have the responsibility to follow the rules and guidelines of the School. 


Rules help to insure that everybody understands there rights and responsibilities.  It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that they are aware of the following rules, relating to Uniform and Dress Code and that their child adheres to it.


Nursery Clothing


There is no set uniform for the Nursery – however parents are welcome to send their children in school sweatshirts/polo shirts etc. (with names on) if they wish.


Suitable clothes for Nursery children are ones which are practical, safe and easy for the children to manage so that they can:


  • use bikes and climbing equipment safely;
  • use the toilet independently;
  • not worry about getting glue or paint on themselves;
  • put shoes on by themselves where possible.




White polo shirt with school logo badge
Red V-necked long-sleeved sweatshirt or cardigan with school badge
Grey trousers, skirt (at least knee length) or pinafore (not culottes)
Plain matching white, grey or black socks

Plain white, grey, black or red tights
Plain Black shoes – ideally with Velcro fastening (no trainers, boots or high-heeled shoes)



Years 1 – 6


White collar shirt (not polo) worn tucked in and with a tie
School tie (option of elasticated version for Years 1 & 2)
Red V-necked long-sleeved sweatshirt or cardigan with school badge
Grey trousers, skirt (at least knee length) or pinafore (not culottes)
Plain matching white, grey or black socks

Plain white, grey, black or red tights
Plain Black shoes (no trainers, boots or high-heeled shoes)


Summer Term  Variation Uniform (Option for Summer Term only).


Red and white summer dress, this must be entirely red and white gingham with short or capped sleeves not sleeveless (not a playsuit style outfit with shorts) or tailored grey shorts. Please note dresses must be at least knee length.




Items of School Uniform may be bought from the School Office and a variety of other stockists. Details of stockists for Uniform can be obtained from the School Office.


PE (Physical Education)


  • House Team colour T-shirt with the name of the child’s House Team, available from the School
  • Plain black shorts
  • Footwear - Children should have black pumps for indoor sports activities other than Dance and Gymnastics, which will usually be barefoot. Trainers are useful for outdoor sports on the playground and/or field, however black pumps can be used for this if necessary.
  • Optional - School Tracksuit with House Team Logo (available from the School) for use outside when appropriate and/or to wear to extra curricular sports clubs. (Children may bring their own plain dark blue track suit bottoms, but no other sportswear/items will be accepted. If it is particularly cold children without a school track suit will be allowed to wear their jumpers under their House Team t-shirt outside).


  • Long hair must be tied back during PE lessons for health and safety reasons. Please note that this applies to both boys and girls.
  • No Jewellery is allowed in PE – ear studs should not be worn on PE days – these are Health and Safety regulations issued by the British Association of Lecturers in PE.
  • It is useful if the PE kit is kept in school in a named PE bag during Term time.
  • If a child does not have their PE Kit in school and we have not received a written medical reason why they should not do PE they may be given a PE Kit/pumps to wear for the lesson from the spare PE Kit box or they may have to sit out for that lesson. This decision will  be made by the class teacher.


Notes on School Uniform and Dress Code


Shoes - The requirement is for plain black shoes (no trainers, sandals, boots or high-heeled shoes, no canvas shoes, such as converse).


Black shoes may be buckle, laces or Velcro, but should have a sensible heel appropriate for our split level site. Please do not send your child in high heeled shoes as these are potentially dangerous. 


Shoes should be plain black and hard-wearing. Parents may wish their child to have a pair of trainers for use at play-times and lunch-times.


During inclement weather parents may wish to send their child to school in alternative footwear appropriate for the weather conditions (such as boots or wellingtons). If this is the case children should have their plain black shoes to change into once they are in school.


Children who do not have suitable plain black shoes in school for any reason may be given black pumps from the School's Uniform Box to wear during the time they are in school.


Art overalls – it is very useful if children can bring a named art overall or apron (an old shirt will do) to use for Art and Design work otherwise children find it very difficult to keep their uniform clean! Art aprons can be kept in school.


Outdoor Coat - A fleece/outdoor coat may be worn but should not be worn in school as a substitute for a sweatshirt or jumper.


Children are not allowed to wear varied sportswear (including football shirts and shorts) leggings/jeans/jogging bottoms/beachwear/cropped/sleeveless T-shirts.


Naming Items - It is really helpful if you can make sure that all items of clothing are named.


Bags - Children may bring a bag to school.  


Ideally, bags should be of a satchel or satchel style. Two options are available from school or our school suppliers, priced at £6 and £12.


If you are purchasing your own bag ideally it should be approximately 40cm x 30cm, no deeper than 10cm. Any bag which is within the appropriate size and is able to to hang flat and well-below the peg which the children hang their coats on is allowed. This enables the children’s coats to hang securely above.


If you are unsure about the suitability of a bag, please contact Mrs Randall.


Inappropriate bags will be removed in line with the School's confiscation rules.


Hair-styles  - The Governors of Alder Coppice Primary School would like to remind parents that hairstyles should not be extreme in cut or design or cause distraction within the classroom, draw attention to the child and single them out from the rest of their year group and should not be dictated by what are often short-lived trends. This includes hairstyles with shaved or shaped patterns or tramlines.


Where hair is braided, coloured beads or strings should not be worn. We ask that if children have these done whilst on holiday, that they are removed before they return to school. Where children have long hair which is tied or worn back, this must be done with small, plain and discrete hair-ties, hairbands or grips, not elaborate designs intended as fashion accessories. Where a hair accessory is deemed to be inappropriate, the child will be asked to remove it and parents notified that it is unsuitable for school.


Children should not have artificial colouring used in any part of their hair during school or wear fake hair accessories such as buns or extensions.


We advise that children with long hair have this tied back, gripped or wear a head band to prevent it from becoming a distraction during learning time and to prevent the spread of head lice. This should be done using discreet hair-ties, hairbands or grips, not elaborate designs intended as fashion accessories. Where a hair accessory is deemed to be inappropriate, the child will be asked to remove it and parents notified that it is unsuitable for school.


A final decision upon the appropriateness of a hairstyle will be made by the Assistant Headteacher. Where a hairstyle has been deemed to be unsuitable, we will expect it to be rectified straight away.


Parents should not feel that they have to give in to their child’s demands to look like their TV, pop or sports idols. There are plenty of ways to express individuality without resorting to fashionable hairstyles.


School is not a fashion parade and we do not wish on a day-to-day basis to have the distraction of extreme hairstyles or fashionable clothes.


If you are unsure about any of the regulations or suitability of items, we offer an open-door policy and are happy to clarify the guidance with you first.


Make-Up & Jewellery


Make-up and Nail Varnish - Children are not allowed to wear make-up or nail varnish in school. If children do have nail varnish on for a holiday or special event it should be removed before they return to school.


Ear Studs - For Health and Safety reasons the wearing of all jewellery other than one ear stud per ear and watches is not allowed.


Ear studs are limited to a pair of small discreet plain studs, not of a brightly coloured or patterned design (only one in each ear lobe) and that no other body piercing is permitted.


It is a Health and Safety directive that no children wearing jewellery may participate in PE, therefore any child wearing an ear stud must either:


·         take the ear stud out before coming to school;

·         remove it before the start of the lesson;  or

·         cover it with a plaster, which should be supplied from home.


otherwise they will not be able to take part in PE lessons.


For Health & Safety reasons long hair should be tied back for all PE activities.  This applies to both girls and boys. Parents should ensure that their child’s hair is tied back on the days that they have PE or should provide a hair bobble for their child to put their hair into a ponytail before the PE lesson.  A small supply of hair bobbles will be kept in school.


Badges - Only badges which have been earned as part of the School's Reward System or which designate a role in school such as Ambassador, School Council Representative, House Team Captain or Learning Forum member should be worn in school.


Where a child is celebrating a birthday, they may wear a birthday badge for that day.


Any parents of children who are required to wear jewellery because it forms part of the customs of their religion should inform the Assistant Headteacher in writing.




Any form of tattoo is not permitted, other than those that are part of a religious or cultural celebration. If this is the case this must be put in writing to the Assistant Headteacher.


Personal Property


The School encourages children to look after their own and other people’s property.


Please help us by clearly marking each item of clothing with the child's name.  The School keeps a Lost Property Container which both pupils and parents can look through on request.


Children should not bring any toys or games to school unless specifically requested by their class teacher, as items could be lost or damaged and may cause a distraction.  Similarly items of a personal or financial value should be left at home.


Should it be necessary for any child to bring money or valuables to School they should always be handed in straight away to the class teacher for safe keeping.


Please note that the School cannot accept responsibility for loss of, or damage to, any such items.





Pupils are not permitted to wear Smart Watches or other similar style watches with internet connectivity for safeguarding reasons. These are not suitable for wearing in school for a number of reasons.  Many of these watches have internet connectivity and cameras, which if used within school could pose a safeguarding risk. They are also costly items, which could easily be damaged or go missing and have already become a distraction during the School day.


Children may wear a simple analogue or digital watch to enable them to tell the time.


If these watches have alarms, they should be switched off during school times.  If a watch is deemed to cause distraction within the classroom, it will be removed and a parent required to collect it at a time specified by school.


We are aware that some children are wearing fitness trackers at home in order to develop their healthy lifestyles and monitor their exercise throughout the day. Previously these have caused a distraction when brought into school and governors have, therefore, decided that these may not be brought into school or worn during the School day.


Should it be appropriate for children to have a Fitness Tracker/Fitbit watch for an  extra-curricular club or sporting activity they will be told by the adult concerned and those who wish to may bring one in for those events.


Pencil Cases

Other than when a child is writing in pen and has brought in a suitable writing pen, which the teacher has approved, children should not bring in pencil cases or any other stationery. We provide children with stationery to use for their work.


Water Bottles

Children are allowed to bring a water bottle into school. This should only contain water - no other drinks are allowed unless permission has been obtained from either Mrs Randall or the appropriate Phase Leader. Water bottles must be of a design that is clear so that the liquid contained is visible. House Team water bottles are available to purchase from the School office.


Mobile Phones and Hand-held Electronic devices


The Governing Board do not allow children to bring mobile phones onto school premises for any reason.


No hand-held electronic devices should be brought into school.


Any parent needing to send an urgent message to their child during the School day should contact the School Office, where a member of staff will relay the message.


Confiscation of Items


Should a child be found to have an item which is banned from school, such as a Smartwatch, mobile phone, unnecessary item or an inappropriate bag, this item will be confiscated by an adult.  Parents will be notified when the item can be collected, this may be at the end of the same day but will will usually be at the end of the week or the end of the following week.


This item will usually be logged and then locked in a secure place and will either be returned to the child at the end of the day or will need to be collected by a parent at a specified date and time, usually at the end of that school week or the last day of the following next week.


Parents should ensure that children do not bring inappropriate items into school.


Following the School's Policy


All parents of children who choose to send their child to Alder Coppice Primary School are expected to ensure that their child adheres to the School Uniform and Property rules at all times.


Parents should not feel that they have to give in to their child's demands to look like their tv, pop or sports idols.  There are plenty of ways to express individually without resorting to fashionable hairstyles.


School is not a fashion parade, and we do not wish on a day-to-day basis to have the distraction of extreme hairstyles or fashionable clothes.


Parents are expected to pay for any damage to school resources or equipment which has been deliberately caused by their child.


Any queries, question or clarification regarding School Uniform and Personal Property should, in the first instance, be directed to either the class teacher or Mrs Randall, Assistant Headteacher.


We reserve the right to ask pupils and parents of pupils who do not adhere to the School Uniform and Dress Code to do so.


Any appeals regarding Uniform/Dress Code will be referred to the Governing Board, whose determination will be final.