School continues only to be available for children of Key Workers and this should only be when there is no suitable adult at home to look after your child.   If you are a Key Worker requiring provision and your working pattern changes please keep us updated.

For children working at home please follow the following links to access school work at home for your child.

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Secondary School Transfer

Secondary School 

Destinations 2019

No in Year Group: 64


Beacon Hill Academy                      2

Ellowes Hall                                     6

     Highfields, Wolverhampton           3   

Ounsdale                                         10

Summerhill School                           1

 The Dormston School                      38

Thomas Telford                                1

  Wolverhampton Girls High               3



Secondary School

Destinations 2018

No in Year Group: 53

      Bishop Milner Catholic College 1  
      Ellowes Hall 3  
      High Arcal 1  
      Highfields, Wolverhampton 2  
      Ounsdale 4  
      St Peter's Collegiate 1  
      The Dormston School 38  
      Wolverhampton Girls' High 2  
      Wolverhampton Grammar 1  

Secondary School

Destinations 2017

No in Year Group: 58




      High Arcal 1  
      Ounsdale 9  
      Wolverhampton Girls' High 1  
      Ellowes Hall 2  
      St Peter's Collegiate School 1  
      Handsworth Grammar 1  
      St Edmund's Catholic Academy 1    
      Elmhurst Ballet School 1  

Secondary School

Destinations 2016

      No in Year Group: 64    
      Bishop Milner 1  
      Dormston 46  
      Ellowes Hall 4  
      High Arcal 2  
      Highfields 1  
      King Edward VI Camp Hill for Boys 1  
      King Edward VI Five Ways 1  
      Ounsdale 7  
      Summerhill 1  

Secondary School

Destinations 2015

      No. in Year Group: 59    
      Bishop Milner 1  
      Dormston 31  
      Ellowes Hall 3  
      High Arcal 7  
      Ounsdale 12  
      SWB Academy 1  
      Wednesfield High 1  
      Wolverhampton Girls' High 3  


Secondary Transfer


Here are direct links to our main Secondary feeder schools. During the Summer Term Year 6 children visit their new schools as part of the transition process.