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Every Lesson Counts




Pupil Progress =


One year of visible learning progress for one year of input, regardless of academic achievement when they begin.

School Improvement Plan  

Summary of Priorities


   Pupil Progress/Outcomes


  1. All pupils make one year of visible learning progress for one year of input, regardless of academic achievement when they begin.
  2. Ensure higher numbers of prior middle attaining pupils meet end of year Expected Standards.
  3. Increased number of children developing greater depth in different units of work.
  4. Vulnerable groups make rapid progress so that gaps are closing and they make one year of progress.


     Teaching & Learning


  1. Consistently Good and Excellent Teaching ensures high-quality learning experiences with children meeting the higher demands of the National Curriculum.
  2. Mastery planning and delivery allows support/access and challenge for all pupils to meet appropriate Learning objectives and to deepen their learning.
  3. Skills, knowledge and understanding are developed alongside building resilience for pupils as independent learners.




  1. A manageable and meaningful assessment system which improves informs teaching in order to improve achievement.




  1. Planning and delivery of an exciting, stimulating curriculum which provides many “memorable moments” with appropriate differentiation and levels of challenge, developing resilience, independence and a range of skills, knowledge and understanding across the curriculum.
  2. Continuing to develop the evaluative role of Subject Leaders to ensure all areas of the curriculum develop opportunities for pupils to widen knowledge and engage in deeper learning opportunities across a range of subjects.
  3. Planning is assessment and challenge driven using a cycle of plan-do-review-evaluate.
  4. Learning opportunities promote an appreciation of diversity and people and communities beyond the children’s immediate experience




  1. Implementing Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018 and Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018.
  2. Use of updated comprehensive Staff Safeguarding Guidance Folders.
  3. Continuous update and refreshers of staff training e.g. Prevent, Staff Code of Conduct, External audit/validation of Safeguarding.
  4. Developing the work of the Keeping Safe Guardians across the School alongside the Annual Safety/SMSCD planner.