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Welcome to information about our Governing Board.

The Governors

The Governing Board

Like all schools Alder Coppice has a Governing Board made up of governors from different backgrounds and interests. Governors do not run the School on a day-to- day basis - that is the Headteacher’s job. They play four very important roles in the life of Alder Coppice:

1. Strategic Direction

Working on behalf of the local community, they set the broad direction of the School. This includes the ethos of the School, that is to say its values and aims which underlie everything which the School does. Governors approve the School’s budget and the curriculum each year, and of vital importance to a successful School they appoint the Senior Leadership Team.

2. Critical Friend

The governors get to know the School well in various ways, and are able to give it their support as a ‘friend’. But they are also in a good position to have an honest ‘critical’ view of the School and be able to give constructive comments where it is needed.

3. Accountability

All Governors are accountable to the people who appoint them - and ultimately to parents and to the public. The Headteacher in turn is accountable to the governors for how he runs and manages the School.

4. Raising Attainment

The main role of any school is to enable the pupils to enjoy learning and to achieve their potential, whether that is intellectual, social, sporting or whatever. So governors must ensure that there are policies in place to raise the attainment of pupils each year and monitor those policies to see that they are being followed effectively.


Alder Coppice Primary School Governing Board

At Alder Coppice we are fortunate to have governors with a very wide range of experience and backgrounds. There are 5 types of governor:

  • Partnership: nominated by the Governing Board;
  • Parents:  elected by the parents from amongst themselves.;
  • Local Authority:  appointed by the Local Authority;
  • Staff: elected by the teachers and support staff also including the Headteacher as an ex-officio governor;
  • Co-opted:  nominated by the Governing Board.

All governors are appointed for four years at a time. Parent governors can complete their four-year appointment after their children have left school, but staff governors cannot continue if they leave the School.


Governor Duties

The Governing Board meets at least once each Term to conduct its business, when one of the major items is usually the Headteacher’s written Report. But in order to be effective in their work, the governors also serve on committees. 


Current committees include:


  • Resources
  • Pay


Staff and Pupil Discipline, Exclusion and Appeals committees meet when required.


As well as attending formal meetings, governors visit school to observe its life at first hand, so that they gain a greater knowledge of how it operates and the challenges it faces. This helps to inform them as they carry out their roles.



If you would like to contact the Governing Board or know more about what it does, please write to the Chair of Governors c/o the School.



Governing Board Composition 2019 – 2020

Governors hold an important public office and their identity should be known to their school and wider communities.

All governors attend Full Governing Board meetings and School Improvement Meetings.


Mr Peter Mandelstam

Category of Governor: Staff/Headteacher

Term of Office: Ex-Officio

Committees: School Improvement, Resources & Pay Review (Advisory)

Responsibility: Safer Recruitment Governor




Mrs Jacqueline Blake

Category of Governor: Partnership Governor

Appointing Body: Governing Board

Term of Office: 06/12/2019 - 05/12/2023


I am a Co-opted Governor at Alder Coppice and have extensive experience of Governance in a variety of schools and the charity sector.  I am a retired education professional who, over more than 35 years has worked in music and the creative arts.    I am totally committed to ensuring that children and young people are offered the widest and highest quality opportunities to become the best they can.

On visits to Alder Coppice I have been extremely impressed by the children, the learning environment and the dedicated staff.




Mrs Lana Duffin

Category of Governor: Partnership Governor

Appointing Body: Governing Board

Term of Office: 06/12/2019 – 05/12/2023 


am delighted to take up my first Governor’s role at Alder Coppice Primary School.  I live locally with my husband and our two children, in our spare time we love sport!  I am currently an Assistant Headteacher and I have worked in various educational settings for 11 years engaging with many wonderful youngsters and their families.I am passionate about helping young people achieve their potential through education and ensuring all pupils have the best opportunities to succeed whilst growing into resilient and caring individuals.



Mrs Jayne Emery

Category of Governor: Co-opted Governor

Appointing Body: Governing Board

Term of Office: 08/06/2018 - 07/06/2022

Committees: School Improvement, Resources & Pay Review

Responsibilities: SEND/LAC/Pupil Premium 


I have been a Co-opted Governor at Alder Coppice Primary School since June 2018.  I am currently Co Vice-Chair of Governors, Chair of the Resources Committee and a member of the Pay Committee.

Professionally, I have been employed in a senior management position within the voluntary sector for over 25 years and have extensive finance, HR and project management experience.  I am currently Chief Officer for Healthwatch Dudley where I champion the views of local people around health and care services provided in Dudley borough.  I have seats on numerous multi-agency strategic boards where I have the opportunity to challenge and influence decision makers.

I am passionate about helping children achieve their full potential through education and ensuring that they have the very best opportunities available in order to succeed.  During my time as Governor and parent of a child at Alder Coppice, it has been impressive to see happy, well-behaved children who have a passion and positive attitude towards learning.



Mrs Nikki Hayden

Category of Governor: Staff Governor

Appointing Body: Elected by School Staff

Term of Office: 13/06/2018 – 12/06/2022

Committees: School Improvement


I have taught at Alder Coppice since January 2004 and am in my second term as staff governor.  I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to teach in all year groups from 1 – 6; each of them bringing different experiences and many wonderful memories. (I honestly couldn’t choose a favourite year group!)

My own three children attended Alder Coppice and as a parent I feel that they have had a fantastic start, as the school holds dear principles such as; working hard, learning from mistakes and not giving up, thinking of others, being respectful and having good manners, and being kind.

Each and every day it is a pleasure to come to school.  Our children are wonderful and the staff are like a supportive extended family.  It is a privilege to work here.




Ms Danielle Johnson

Category of Governor: Parent Governor

Appointing Body: Elected by Parents

Term of Office:  22/06/2018 - 21/06/2022

Committees: School Improvement, Pay Review & Performance Management 

Responsibilities: Child Protection & Safeguarding, Behaviour and Attendance 

I am one of Alder Coppice's parent governors. I am currently a member of the Performance Management and Pay Review Committees, and I am the Safeguarding and Child Protection link governor. 
I previously worked for a local building society as a Branch Manager, and currently support our family accountancy business whilst focusing on raising our two children. 
I have a real passion for child development and education, during my visits into school it's been inspiring to see such happy children flourishing in the positive learning environment provided by committed and experienced staff.




Mrs Vicky Smart

Category of Governor: Local Authority Governor

Appointing Body: Local Authority

Term of Office: 21/11/2018 - 20/11/2022

Committees: School Improvement, Resources, Performance Management & Pay Review

Responsibilities: Training and Development


In 2016, I started my own business working as a Learning and Development and Business Improvement Consultant and since then have had the privilege of working with large employers in the development of the Apprenticeship Standards for the Power, Gas and Water Sectors. The main body of my work involves partnering with organisations in the design, development, facilitation and implementation of business solutions for improved business performance.

I was delighted to be appointed as Local Authority Governor at Alder Coppice Primary School in 2018.  Alder Coppice Primary School has had a big part to play in my own children’s success during their foundation years and, since becoming a Governor, I have witnessed first-hand the outstanding commitment, hard work and dedication that the school team adopt within their working practice to ensure that our children are happy, safe, confident learners.




Mrs Katie Wilcox

Category of Governor: Parent Governor

Appointing Body: Elected by Parents

Term of Office:  03/03/20 - 02/03/24

Committees: Full Governing Board


I am looking forward to the challenges a Parent Governor will bring.

I am a determined person who shares the ethos of rewarding pupils for effort and understanding the importance of all children being treated equally however they found their place at our school.  I work for West Midlands Police, this gives me a great insight into social issues and gives me a passion of making a difference to people's lives.




2019 - 2020

The following members of staff attend meetings in an advisory capacity.


Miss Melanie Boden

Strategic Finance Manager

Committee: Finance & Personnel.

Voting Rights: None


Mrs Maria Shee

Designation: Deputy Headteacher

Senior Leadership Team

Full Governing Board and School Improvement.

Voting Rights: None


Mrs Jo Randall

Designation: Assistant Headteacher

Senior Leadership Team

Full Governing Board and School Improvement.

Voting Rights: None


Mrs Jackie Podmore

Designation: Assistant Headteacher

Senior Leadership Team

Full Governing Board and School Improvement.

Voting Rights: None


Mrs Jo Bown

Designation: Assistant Headteacher

Senior Leadership Team

Full Governing Board and School Improvement.

Voting Rights: None


Special Responsibility Governors


Safeguarding and Child Protection


Mrs D Johnson


SEND/LAC/Pupil Premium Governor


Mrs J Emery


Safer Recruitment Governor


Mr P Mandelstam


Training and Development Governor


Mrs V Smart


Health and Safety  Governor


To be Appointed

*The DfE’s statutory guidance on Keeping Children Safe in Education requires governing boards to:


ensure a member of the Governing Board, usually the Chair, is nominated to liaise with the LA and/or partner agencies on issues of child protection and in the event of allegations of abuse made against the Headteacher, the principal of a college or proprietor or member of Governing Board of an independent school.’


Governing Board Register of Interests 


Governing bodies are under a duty to publish on their website their register of interests. The register sets out the relevant business interests of governors and details of any other educational establishments they govern. The register also sets out any relationships between governors and members of the School staff including spouses, partners and relatives.


This is a summary of our Governing Board and their responsibilities and register of interests.



Governing Board Register of Business Interests and Attendance at Meetings 2019 - 2020

Terms of Reference 2019 - 2020

Instrument of Government

Governor Application Form