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              Rules for Responsible Internet Use for Pupils


The School has installed computers and provided Internet access to help our learning. I understand that the School may check my computer files and may monitor any Internet sites I visit.


If I don’t follow these rules, I understand that my parent or carer may be contacted, and I may not be allowed to use the School internet and technology.


These rules will keep everyone safe and help us to be fair to others.


I agree that:

  • I will not share any of my passwords with anyone, or use another person’s password. If I find out someone else’s password, I will tell that person and a teacher so they can change it.
  • I will use the technology at school for learning.  I will use the equipment properly and not interfere, change or delete someone else’s work.
  • I will only e-mail people I know, or that my teacher has approved.
  • If I attach a file to an email, it will not include any inappropriate materials (something I would not want my teacher to see or read).
  • I will be respectful in how I talk to and work with others online and never write or participate in online bullying.  If anyone sends me a message I do not like or feel uncomfortable about I will show it to my teacher or suitable adult.
  • I will report any unpleasant material or messages sent to me. I understand my report would be confidential and would help protect other pupils and myself.
  • I will not download any programs or games on to the School computers, iPads or laptops unless I have permission to do so.
  • I will not make audio or video recordings of another pupil or teacher without their permission.
  • When using sites on the Internet, I will not give my name, home address, telephone/mobile number, pretend to be someone else or arrange to meet someone I do not know, unless my parent, carer or teacher has given permission.
  • I will think carefully about what I read on the Internet, question if it is from a reliable source and use the information to help me answer any questions (I should not copy and paste the information and say it’s my own work).
  • I know anything I do on the computer may be seen by someone else.


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Pupil Acceptable Use Agreement