School continues only to be available for children of Key Workers and this should only be when there is no suitable adult at home to look after your child.   If you are a Key Worker requiring provision and your working pattern changes please keep us updated.

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              Rules for Responsible Internet Use for Pupils


The School has installed computers and provided Internet access to help our learning. I understand that the School may check my computer files and may monitor any Internet sites I visit.


If I don’t follow these rules, I understand that my parent or carer may be contacted, and I may not be allowed to use the School internet and technology.


These rules will keep everyone safe and help us to be fair to others.


I agree that:

  • I will not share any of my passwords with anyone, or use another person’s password. If I find out someone else’s password, I will tell that person and a teacher so they can change it.
  • I will use the technology at school for learning.  I will use the equipment properly and not interfere, change or delete someone else’s work.
  • I will only e-mail people I know, or that my teacher has approved.
  • If I attach a file to an email, it will not include any inappropriate materials (something I would not want my teacher to see or read).
  • I will be respectful in how I talk to and work with others online and never write or participate in online bullying.  If anyone sends me a message I do not like or feel uncomfortable about I will show it to my teacher or suitable adult.
  • I will report any unpleasant material or messages sent to me. I understand my report would be confidential and would help protect other pupils and myself.
  • I will not download any programs or games on to the School computers, iPads or laptops unless I have permission to do so.
  • I will not make audio or video recordings of another pupil or teacher without their permission.
  • When using sites on the Internet, I will not give my name, home address, telephone/mobile number, pretend to be someone else or arrange to meet someone I do not know, unless my parent, carer or teacher has given permission.
  • I will think carefully about what I read on the Internet, question if it is from a reliable source and use the information to help me answer any questions (I should not copy and paste the information and say it’s my own work).
  • I know anything I do on the computer may be seen by someone else.


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Pupil Acceptable Use Agreement