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British Values

British Values Statement


At Alder Coppice Primary School we value and understand core British Values as:


  • Democracy;
  • Rule of Law;
  • Individual Liberty;  
  • Mutual respect and tolerance towards those of different faiths and cultures.


As a school, we embrace the ethnic backgrounds and cultures of all of our community, whilst ensuring these values are woven throughout our every day school life.  Collective Worship in both Key Stages celebrates and explores beliefs and faiths, covering a wide and encompassing range of themes.  These themes are often linked to whole school focuses such as; trust or caring.


We promote positive behaviour and encourage children to take responsibility for their actions through our Respect and Responsibility Code. 


This is based around the following key statements:

  • Be Safe;
  • Be Patient;
  • Be Kind;
  • Be Sensible;
  • Be Honest;
  • Listen Carefully;
  • Do as you are asked straight away.


This in turn feeds into our Reward System, which positively reinforces the messages and values that we promote.


Our Curriculum has the thread of British Values woven throughout. In Key Stage 1, children explore significant British figures from the recent and distant past.  Themes are created to explore British History further, and significant events such as The Great Fire of London are studied.  Stories and poems from a range of cultures are read to the children, and through Communication activities, children are encouraged to take turns, and respect others' opinions from an early age.


In Key Stage 2, key points in British History are studied in greater depth, particularly in relation to the impact on our local history and heritage.  Our English curriculum incorporates a further exploration of stories and poems from other cultures, and children have wider opportunities to develop their communication skills through groups such as a Debate Club.


As a whole school, we celebrated the 2012 Olympics, and each year group studied an element of British History and Culture, including; London Monuments, the Royal Family, and the Union Jack.  We also proudly invited local torchbearers in to share their important role in the London Olympics with our children.


Our RE Curriculum is carefully planned and delivered to ensure that a broad and balanced view of faiths and beliefs is taught throughout the School.  Children have the opportunity to visit local places of worship, and throughout the year, celebrate together in our local Church.


PSHE further reinforces our core values, and is personalised to meet the needs of our children and community.  It helps to ensure that our children understand why and how we uphold our values, and we take part in Anti-Bullying focus weeks.


We value our children’s opinion and give them a voice in their own learning through our Learning Forum and Pupil Leaders.  These children are passionate about expressing their opinions and are able to do so in an empathetic and secure environment.


At Alder Coppice Primary School, we hope that our children leave our school with a well-rounded and confident outlook.  We believe that our Curriculum provides the perfect opportunity for this to be the case.


Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSCD) Policy

British Values Display