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Character Education

Character Education Statement


We believe that our School culture and ethos play an important part in developing successful Character Education.


Character Education is integral to many aspects of our curriculum e.g. in how we encourage children to tackle problem solving, develop perseverance and stamina. It also forms a key thread in our PSHE programme and the Inspire Curriculum.


The Character Nation Report identifies key attributes, which include:






& Moral and Civic virtues.



The 4 Main Categories of “Good” Character are:


Moral Virtues - such as courage, honesty, humility, empathy and gratitude.


Intellectual Virtues - such as curiosity and critical-thinking.


Performance Virtues - such as resilience, application and self-regulation.


Civic Virtues - such as acts of service and volunteering.


Below are the Key Character qualities identified by the DfE linked to the main Categories:-


Moral Intellectual Performance Civic 
Tolerance Curiosity Perseverance Neighbourliness
Respect Focus Resilience Community Spirit
Honesty Conscientiousness Grit  
Integrity   Motivation  
Dignity   Ambition