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Sports Premium


Sporting Aims


1.  To ensure that each pupil has an equal opportunity to experience the many varied aspects of sport.


         2.  To help promote cultural, moral, aesthetic, intellectual and physical development.


3.  To help every child to develop self-esteem and self-confidence through the experience of success in both individual and team sports.


         4.  To help every pupil work both independently and as a team member.


5.  To promote good sportsmanship and awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of both oneself and others.


6.  To encourage all children to evaluate both their own and other people’s performances in order to develop their level of skill and enjoyment of sport.


         7.  To help children develop their skills.


8.  To ensure that children have knowledge of the rules and safety aspects of certain PE and games activities.


          9.  To encourage children to participate in sports outside of School.


10. To contribute to the Health Related Fitness part of the School’s Personal, Social and Health Education and PE programmes of study encouraging a healthy lifestyle.


         11. To help enable children to fulfil their full potential.

Sports Premium Evaluation Report